Lux Research asks: Just how valuable is that patent?

According to Lux Research, investors have invested $4.3 billion into the development of sensors over the past ten years.  However it’s the pattern of the 28,927 sensor patents that were given since 1975 that actually unveils the value and potential of these patents. Lux Research studied patent trends for five kinds of sensors.  These included […]


Can IoT cut corporate losses for high value goods?

Cold supply chains that ferry vaccines and commodities could see a reduction in loss rate if they switched from incumbent systems to an Internet of Things (IoT) solution. That’s according to a new report from Lux Research, which investigates the return on investment (ROI) for cold supply chains if they switch. See Also: Sensor modules […]


Report says Rio athletes want more out of their wearables

Wearables are becoming commonplace in practice games and training, but have received a lukewarm response from athletes, unhappy with the lack of advice or instructions. Athletes see the advantages of using wearables, according to a report from Lux Research, but want to see wearable providers take more of an active role on the advice side. […]

Can smart medicines crush U.S. healthcare costs?

Can smart medicines crush U.S. healthcare costs?

Taking medicine as prescribed is exceedingly difficult for many people. Our busy lives, long work hours, physical obstacles such as limited mobility, and mental ones like dementia and Alzheimer’s can disrupt our ability to stick to our prescribed medical regime. This lack of consistency results in many patients making otherwise avoidable trips to the hospital and/or […]


IoT grows crops best, but still too pricy for farmers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming to the agriculture industry, but a new report suggests that service costs and niche products are slowing adoption of the new technologies. Benefits of IoT in agriculture include better yield rates and reductions in the amount of water, soil, and seed needed. The worry, for farmers, is the […]

Are prices driving away potential smart home consumers?

Almost every product in the house now has a smart alternative, Nest revolutionized the thermostat and smoke detector, August built a smartphone connected door lock, and Samsung launched a smart fridge. Even with the abundance of smart alternatives, Lux Research says there is still disconnect between the consumer and manufacturer. Price is the most obvious […]


When will robots finally take farmers’ jobs?

Robots could scoop up the remainder of jobs in agriculture over the next two decades, as machines become smarter, cheaper, and more efficient. That’s according to a new report by Lux Research that reveals how robots and autonomous systems could take over and change the agriculture industry. See Also: Crownstone takes home automation beyond Alexa […]

Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and Honda lead the autonomous car race

Automakers have spent the majority of 2016 announcing their plans for self-driving and the future of automation, but while some just begin to prototype systems, others are soaring ahead of the pack. Research and advisory firm Lux Research has charted the 12 major automakers on business execution and technical value, and noted if the company […]

Equipment-as-a-service pushes the frontier of IIoT

The hottest new arrival in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space is equipment-as-a-service, which is radically revolutionizing  predictive maintenance practices. A new Lux Research report, entitled “Predictive Maintenance: The Art of Uptime,” discusses how IIoT is helping introduce new predictive maintenance (PdM) solutions for industrial equipment around the world. More significantly, the report heralds […]

Are Apple, Google, Microsoft making the right bets on wearables?

A new study finds that Apple, Google and Microsoft are betting big on newer form factors in wearables and electronic user interfaces (EUI). But the industry heavy-hitters are overlooking some potentially juicy opportunities. Lux Research detailed the results of its new report “Future of Interaction: Using a Taxonomy to Understand Apple’s, Google’s and Microsoft’s Electronic […]


Transport and logistics – as fast as broadband?

The emergence of technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous cars, and drones will vastly improve the the transport and logistics industry, according to research and advisory firm Lux Research. “IoT is at the stage of a dial-up modem in the evolution of the Net, but as it evolves, intermodal and intelligent technologies will […]