A Deep Dive Inside Industrial IoT

A Deep Dive Inside Industrial IoT

From the manpower efforts to the digital technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way we interact with the world around us. This means bringing new opportunities from every challenge and new risks to the most personal areas of our lives. The real revolution in the digital industries of IoT is agriculture, city infrastructure, […]

Are edge computing and IIoT changing the way we think about data?

As we observe what’s happening in industrial enterprises, there’s an interesting evolution occurring—one that has important implications as companies make their first tentative steps toward the industrial Internet of things (IIoT). Traditionally, operational technology (OT) teams have tended to think of their environment in terms of the automation equipment within their environment, both hardware and […]

Our (info)graphic, short history of the Industrial Internet of Things

  [VIEW FULL INFOGRAPHIC HERE] The Internet of Things (IoT) is touted by many as the next industrial revolution. The IoT has become increasingly mainstream in recent years, and leading analyst firms predict that the next decade of continuous IoT development will spur global revenue growth of more than $2-3 trillion. Industry experts also agree […]

Industrial IoT

Is security the biggest threat to industrial IoT?

Insiders are eagerly awaiting the widespread adoption of the Industrial IoT. Digital automation took time-consuming manual duties and streamlined them to function without any human input. These automation systems are made up of three main components: sensors, logic, and actuators. The sensors measure the process variables, the logic system determines how the system should respond, […]

IIoT could boost GDP by $15 trillion, though data barriers remain

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to spark mindblowing levels of global GDP growth over the coming years if industry can overcome significant barriers around data. Value Walk discussed the potential of the IIoT market, which GE research predicts will help generate a $10-$15 trillion boost in global GDP over the next 20 years. […]


GE spends billions to print 3D piles of IIoT money

General Electric announced on Tuesday plans to acquire two European 3D printing suppliers for the combined price of $1.4 billion. The suppliers, Arcam and SLM Solutions, both provide 3D printing to customers in aerospace and healthcare industries. Arcam builds the metal-based 3D printing tech, while SLM Solutions develops the laser machines used for cutting metal […]

How to make steelworking a less dangerous profession

In recent years IoT has played an important role in worker safety with wearable and embedded sensors making it possible for workers to be monitored within their surroundings to prevent injury from falls, toxic gas, and overexertion. Wearable technology can prevent a range of injuries in some of the most dangerous occupations. North Star Bluescope […]

How to solve the unique complexities of industrial IoT

People have marveled at the possibilities born out of the Internet of Things for some time. But really, the scale of what it can accomplish in the industrial sector dwarfs the smart home capabilities of a Nest thermostat or the wearable innovation of a Fitbit. The possibility of leveraging the data generated from billion-dollar machines […]

How to prepare for the digitization of manufacturing

Imagine the mid-18th century. People going about their agrarian lifestyle completely unprepared for the Industrial Revolution that would change their way of life forever. In those days, the majority was completely unaware of the impending transformation the coming years would unveil: improved living standards, population growth, the rise of capitalism, urbanization, and more. Today, we are […]

Industrial IoT and energy efficiency will slash carbon emissions

As a developing country and an emerging economic powerhouse, India has a large number of heavy industries and increasingly depends upon the expansion of such industries for greater economic growth. Over the next few decades, as the government’s “Made in India” initiative gains momentum, there shall be a greater reliance on industry to provide employment […]

Now it’s a party: Even North Korea gets in on IoT

News is emerging from North Korea that the Hermit Kingdom has launched its own Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform to modernize its factories. As reported by NK News, a Seoul-based monitor of North Korean activity, the new technology was recently showcased on state television. The broadcasts from North Korea revealed the launch of Star […]


Intelligent alarm systems could reduce risks and costs

The alarm of the future may be able to warn workers about incidents before they happen and make sure only the people that can fix the problem are informed. Instead of an alarm alerting the entire factory and creating lots of confusion, GE Digital senior product marketing manager, Alicia Bowers, sees a world where alarms […]

IIoT awesome, but only 25 percent of execs are deploying it

An overwhelming majority of business leaders said that the adoption of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is critical to their company’s future success, but only a quarter of them are deploying the technology today. In the survey, released by Genpact Research Institute, it said data security was the most prominent reason why IIoT deployments were […]

Shippers setting sail via Internet of (Floating) Things

No place on land or sea is safe from being connected. And now it seems the marine industry is at last diving into Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with both feet. RCR Wireless News reports shipping companies are increasingly harnessing the data produced by their vessels. However, technology giant Ericsson says the marine industry lags behind alternative […]