Hitachi rolls out Vantara to amp up its social innovation track record

Here at their inaugural NEXT event in Las Vegas today, Hitachi debuted their new Hitachi Vantara subsidiary, an effort that’s meant to pull together a broad portfolio of innovation, development and experience from across the company aimed at delivering “data-driven solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises.” See also: Hitachi sets up IoT R&D camp in California The new […]

For future transactions, in blockchain we trust

What makes our societies run? Oil? Silicon? Yes, and yes: When we place an order online and the item shows up on our doorstep the next day, or we stock our stores with delicacies from Chile to China, some quantity of petroleum and electronics fuels every transaction. But in all these exchanges, the operative factor […]

GE and Hitachi see IIoT unlocking the next industrial revolution

Selling connected devices to the public continues to be hit or miss, but General Electric and Hitachi have no qualms about going all-in for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). According to Application Resource Center (ARC), the technology leviathans Hitachi and GE are betting big on IIoT, a market which GE recently estimated could be worth $225 […]

Copenhagen gets smarter with IoT data boost

Hitachi Insight Group launched a new big data platform that will set lots of information free and help Copenhagen become a smarter smart city. The launch of the City Data Exchange for the Danish city of Copenhagen is among the earliest initiatives of the Hitachi Insight Group. The Hitachi subsidiary was formed recently to consolidate […]

Hitachi to invest $2.8B in IoT; launches new unit and platform

Hitachi is doubling down on its already sizeable Internet of Things (IoT) interests with a $2.8 billion investment in IoT-related activities over the next three years. As well, the Japanese industrial giant unveiled a new U.S.-based unit that will focus on boosting its booming IoT business and launched a new IoT core platform. According to a […]


Hitachi sets up IoT R&D camp in California

Japan-based multinational Hitachi is working on a new hub in the United States for research and development efforts on high-growth Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This new R&D headquarters will be established in Santa Clara, California and is expected to open as early as May, 2016. This new department will initially employ around 200 people, […]