Check out the most innovative projects from Samsung’s C-Lab

Samsung has unveiled six projects from its Creative Lab Projects (C-Lab) division, an in-house incubator program built to nurture employee projects. The six projects — Ahead, FITT360, Hum on!, ItsyWatch, LiCON, Waffle — may launch on a crowdfunding website or receive investment directly from Samsung. See Also: Can the smartwatch market recover from big declines? […]


Shoka Bell rings up a new connected commute

The bicycle bell hasn’t seen much change since its introduction: you press it and it pings. Shoka Bell wants to change that, with its new self-titled bell that provides navigation and protects your bike. Shoka Bell comes in two parts, a metal interior that attaches to the bike and a vibrant exterior that handles all […]

Petnet’s failure is a warning to IoT developers

News sites  and social media has been abuzz the last few days with the situation that the Petnet automated pet feeder was experiencing system failure raising significant questions about the reliability of connected devices. The situation unfolded on Wednesday when angry PetNet owners posted a email from Petnet to Twitter which advised them: “You may experience […]

The Dirty Secrets of Hardware Crowdfunding

One would think crowdfunding millions of dollars to create the next great device would all but guarantee wild market success. Yet, the hardware crowdfunding road is littered with the ghosts of massively funded coolers, drones and 3D printers that never made it to market. How is it that projects with upwards of $10 million in […]