How to Build Your Community with Live Video

Members of a community share a set of views. They think the same way about at least one thing, whether that’s politics, a football team, a cause, or a favorite choice of toothpaste. A community has at least one thought, issue, feeling, concern, or a goal in common. But having and maintaining only one thing […]

In the Age of Tech, Community Matters More than Ever

For all of the efficiencies that technology has brought to the business world, it’s made at least one thing more difficult: creating community. Social media and AI-based matching platforms increase interaction in terms of quantity, not quality. Ask anyone with a Facebook or Tinder profile: Do a dozen posts hold a candle to a single, […]

6 Reasons Why IoT Leaders Are Focused on Tampa

Recently leaders from technology and the multifamily gathered in Tampa, Florida for an event called “Building Cities of the Future”, A CRE and Urbantech Summit. Tampa is already on its journey to becoming a smarter city, and thus was the perfect setting for this event. The one day event was designed to bring together executives […]

Building developer communities, part one: Unity

With the growth of the Internet of Things, companies large and small are suddenly finding themselves in uncharted waters: creating and growing developer communities. These communities are vital now for any company trying to create an ecosystem around their products and services. What are the best ways to create a developer community? What are the […]