Where are all the women in tech? They’re in wearables

While we read about the gender gap in technology almost every day, it’s worth championing a sector that seems to have a strong showing of talented women in tech – the wearables industry. Women have an extensive history in the wearables field: There’s Leah Buechley, inventor of the Lily Pad Arduino; academics like Dr. Rosalind Picard, founder, […]

Finally, a contest to reward the world’s crappiest fighting robots

“If one crappy robot and another crappy robot fought each other — what would happen?” In an era where robots like Nao, Pepper, Sophia and Atlas manage to amaze us with their respective abilities to walk, learn, communicate in different languages,  recognize different people and partake in heavy lifting, another suite of robots is hard at […]


myDevices and Arduino partner to speed up IoT deployment

myDevices and Arduino announced on Tuesday a partnership that connects Cayenne, a drag-and-drop Internet of Things (IoT) project builder, with Arduino’s large open-source hardware developer boards. Developers are now able to use Cayenne to visualize sensor data and control components of the Arduino board. myDevices claims the partnership will expedite IoT deployments, because its project […]

IoT and development platforms: Focusing on connecting the world

The Internet of Things is a concept very different from the Internet of yesterday. While technically it’s the same Internet, the processes and functionality of the connected devices that exist in this category are anything but typical. Many of them have no screens, some have multiple purposes and many only serve to provide data on […]


Could connected shoes help tourists travel cities?

Travelling in an unfamiliar city has never been easier with mapping applications like Google Maps and Apple Maps storing hundreds of thousands of restaurants, places to see, and activity centers for tourists to check out while on holiday. However, the experience of pulling out your phone every two minutes to check you are still going […]


Arduino drops two new IoT developer boards

Arduino has announced two new developer boards aimed at the Internet of Things (IoT) community, called the Primo and Otto. It comes just one month after the MKR1000 was announced worldwide. The Primo is Arduino’s first IoT computing board to feature all the traditional wireless standards, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low-energy, near-field communications (NFC), and […]

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IoT inventors star in TBS’ America’s Greatest Makers

Mark Burnett, Emmy winner and producer of reality TV juggernauts like Shark Tank and Survivor, has teamed up with tech giant Intel and the TBS cable network to launch America’s Greatest Makers – a new reality competition series featuring IoT inventors going head-to-head. Judging roster includes Emmy-nominated actress Mayim Bialik – holder of a PhD in […]


Happy birthday, Arduino: new IoT developer boards for everyone!

To commemorate Arduino Day 2016, the foundation has announced the Arduino MKR1000 and Genuino MKR1000 developer boards are available for Internet of Things (IoT) developers. The developer board specifications are identical, but the foundation uses the Genuino name outside of the United States. The board has three main blocks, which feature a SAM D21 Cortex-M0+ […]