Fitbit buys Pebble as wearables consolidation continues

Fitbit is reportedly buying the troubled Pebble smartwatch in further consolidation in the flagging wearables market. Full details and dollar value of the deal hasn’t yet been made public but the two firms, which were said to be in the final stages of a tie-up prior to Thanksgiving, have now reportedly inked a deal. And […]


Smartwatches fail to keep time despite wearables growth

The wearables market has seen over 67 percent annual growth in the past twelve months, but the smartwatch industry continues to drag down the numbers. Market research firm IDC posted sales results for the first quarter, which shows Fitbit and Xiaomi ahead of the rest by a considerable margin. The two companies hold 24.5 and 17 […]

Alphabet spells future W-E-A-R-A-B-L-E-S

Alphabet spells future W-E-A-R-A-B-L-E-S

Alphabet, the parent of Google, has a plethora of wearables either on the shelves or coming in the next few years, showing a big commitment towards this new category of technology. Currently, most wearables attach to the wrist, but in the future there should be a wearable for every part of the body, and for […]