Today on Reddit, private commercial spaceflight company SpaceX set its software engineers loose in an AMA. On the site, AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”, and an AMA thread (found on /r/IAmA/) is a no-holds barred session of questions and answers in real-time via Reddit’s nested comment system.

In the past, even President Obama stopped by an AMA for a little while to chat about the White House homebrew recipe.

At SpaceX, the engineers design code for rockets and spacecraft and the code that goes into the manufacturing process. They basically make this happen:

Want to be a professional rocket-launcher with equity in one of the hottest companies in the hottest emerging industries around? In the AMA, members of the SpaceX team explain how they scored one of the sweetest programming gigs ever, describe what it’s like to work with Elon Musk and take a quick jab at North Korea, (naturally).

1. What Happens When Things Go Wrong… In Space

2. On How Big The Code Base Is

3. No Really, Pyongyang – Is That You?

4. Linux Powers SpaceX

5. On The Scope Of SpaceX’s Computing Power

6. Want To Be An Astronaut? Learn C++ Instead

7. What’s Next For That Whole Space Exploration Thing

8. When Can We Go To The Red Planet, Already?

Image courtesy of NASA