Smart home startup Roost has announced its entry into the water leak detector market on Wednesday with a new product, the Smart Water and Freeze Detector.

The new device, unveiled at CE Week in New York City, is able to identify a water leak and can also detect frozen pipe water damage, mold and mildew damage, and inefficient energy usage due to ineffective cooling systems or broken cooling systems.

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Once it recognizes a problem, the Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector will send an alert to the homeowner through Wi-Fi to a connected smartphone. And unlike a lot of other water leak detectors, Roost is battery powered, letting you place it wherever is convenient.

Roost believes that the device will save U.S. consumers and insurance companies up to $8 billion per year in water damage, by alerting them to issues and notifying them of any future problems that may occur.


“We are excited to introduce the Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector, and expand our ability to offer consumers safer and smarter homes,” said Roel Peeters, Roost CEO and co-founder. “Our unique technology delivers consumers tangible solutions that are simple to install and at affordable costs.”

“With the new (smart detector), Roost now provides the ability to manage the all-too-common water leak or freezing pipes situation that we’ve all experienced in our homes at some point,” he added.

The new device builds on Roost’s smart home platform, which currently consists of a smart smoke detector and a Wi-Fi battery that connects to any old smoke detector.

Roost will begin shipping the new Smart Water and Freeze Detector in the fall. The device will cost $49 when it launches, a bit pricer than some of the other options, but a lot more mobile.