Facebook was recently hacked, on Saturday to be more precise, allowing over 500M login details to be leaked on a hacking forum, containing the user’s location, email, full name and associated phone numbers.

Hudson Rock, a cybercrime intelligence database, CTO Alon Gal claims that most of the data found were actually genuine, according to the Facebook reset password feature. Most of the data that has been hacked could be used to impersonate the users and compromise their identity. This Information was initially disclosed to Business Insider.

Over 106 countries were on the list. After being contacted, many of the people on the list said they felt “my privacy has been invaded and I feel violated.” Nearly 533 million users were found in the list, in over 106 countries, 32 million were in the U.S, 11 million based in the UK and 6 million in India.

In what could be frustrating to affected Facebook users, Gal first spotted a user of the hacking forum advertising an automated bot in January, claiming to be able to scrape the phone numbers of millions of users. It appears that the data set collected by that bot was published to the forum for free, making it available for anyone to acquire at no cost.

Gal believes that Facebook is on thin ice, by first asking to see peoples private messages and now 533 million users extremely personal privacy has just been leaked for millions of people to see.

If the hackers were to take advantage of this list, there could be all sorts of havoc created. We suggest you change your Facebook password to be on the safe side.