People are using SMS messages to steal people’s passwords that attack specifically Android devices. Experts have warned the public to stay away from any unusual text messages.

When the malware is installed, FluBot, will collect all passwords and send them back to the company it originated from, and even worse, it will collect all contacts and send messages, from it, by you, infecting even more people.

What’s wrong with downloading an APK file? Often these third-party apps have malware, ready to be activated such as the FluBot. This message can also look like it’s from Amazon, Argos, and any famous company that you’re likely to buy from. The message also includes a phishing link that asks for permission to download an APK file. Androids system automatically blocks installing APK files, but as most phones do, they give you the option to bypass it.

android flubot

NCSC has issued guidance for FluBot

NCSC (UK’s National Cyber Security Centre) has issued guidance to help users identify the FluBot message, and network providers such as Three and Vodafone have started giving warnings about the malware to users.

The NCSC further urges users who receive the FluBot messages to forward them to the free spam-reporting service (7726), before proceeding to delete the message.
Although only Android is being threatened, NCSC is also advising Apple’s users to be wary of their text messages.