JouleX is a company founded by four former executives of Internet Security Systems, according to GreenMonk’s Tom Raftery. But instead of hunting for security vulnerabilities, Joulex hunts for energy inefficiencies. It can monitor anything with an IP address – PCs, servers, even IP-enabled HVAC units, etc. – all without clients or hardware. It’s priced according to the number of devices managed.

This week the company released a new version of the application and added a new mobile one that can adjust power consumption – dim lights, turn off devices etc. – based on a users location. JouleX also expanded its out-of-the-box IT infrastructure support, added support for Linux and Macintosh operating systems and added new reporting capabilities, such as the ability to automatically identify the biggest power hogs in an enterprise.

JouleX now supports automatic discovery and policy execution for:

  • Cisco EnergyWise API

  • Intel Data Center Manager (DCM) and NodeManager

  • VMWare vCenter

  • WinRM device support

  • MAC power management

  • Active Directory Organizational Units (OU)

JouleX became a Cisco EnergyWise partner last month.

JouleX added the following new reporting capabilities:

  • “Top 10” power consumer, saver and emission reports by location, business unit and cost center

  • Location-based, carbon-emission tracking

  • Support for reporting of virtual devices

  • Trend reporting to track minimum, maximum and average consumption for devices

  • Average cost-per unit reports

  • Drill-down and interactive reporting

One particularly cool feature: you can calculate ROI of replacing old equipment equipment with newer, more efficient equipment.

JouleX’s customers include Deutsche Telekom and Federal Home Loan Bank.