Apple’s September 2021 event brought a lot of thing’s such as the new AirPods, a new iPad and even the new iPhone, however, none of these is even related to what we are all waiting for, the MacBook Pro 14-inch. This MacBook will have the supposedly extremely powerful Apple M1X processor. However, news has been released by certain sources that show the release date, display info and other info mainly about hardware

Release Date

The release date for the MacBook Pro-14-inch is set to be released in fall, and the 16-inch is rumoured to come out along with the MacBook Pro 14-inch. A report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that the new 2021 MacBook Pro’s will come out in “Coming Months”, which could mean September or October, and as the iPhone 13 and iPad was released in September, the chances of the MacBook Pro coming out in September is very unlikely. A report by Digitimes says that the MacBook Pro release date could be pushed to November because of the global chip shortage.


Apple has kept the same price for its regular 13-inch MacBook Pro at $1,299 for a few years and was dropped from $1,799, so we expect the MacBook Pro 14-inch to cost at around $1,299.


The specs of the MacBook Pro 14-inch would have 20-cores, and have 16-high performance cores, even though Apple is testing versions with 8 or 12 high-performance cores enabled. We don’t know why they have disabled some cores, however, it could be due to certain bugs. No Intel core, just the M1X, or M2 processor that is extremely fast when it comes to processing demanding tasks. It will have a Mini-LED display to improve brightness. Lets expand on that …..


The display will be switching over from LCD to Mini-LED. We can so expect “Brighter, higher-contrast panels.” However, going deeper we can see a higher resolution display, there is an option for 3456 x 2234 Retina and 3024 x 1964 Retina, and will make the display sharper as both resolutions translate to 250 pixel per inch density. The display is not a touch screen.

The new MacBook Pro could take ages to be released, however, when it does, we will have high expectations.