LinkedIn announced mobile-oriented updates aimed at weaving its professional social network more deeply into your smartphones and tablets.

For instance, the company revamped its iPad app in order to simplify users’ ability to “like, comment, share, follow and join” directly from the newsfeed generated by their contacts. Users can also expand images and play video directly from the feed. The app will personalize what it displays based on the sections you’ve visited most frequently, and offers new sections for its high-profile business columnists (which LinkedIn calls “influencers”), categories and job searches.

LinkedIn also plans to pop up throughout your mobile inbox, at least if you have an iPhone and use the Apple Mail app. A new service LinkedIn calls Intro—the result of LinkedIn’s integration of technology from Rapportive, a startup it acquired in early 2012—will identify your correspondents by displaying snippets of their LinkedIn profile in their email. You can enable Intro here.

To round things out, LinkedIn’s Pulse—a news reader it acquired back in April—will offer personalized feeds to users who log in with their LinkedIn credentials. Pulse will basically tailor your news feed based on what LinkedIn knows about your habits from its site. 

Lead image by Owen Thomas for ReadWrite