As many people have noticed, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have all got problems with them. The main problems are that people can not log onto the apps. They also cannot see messages they were sent and posted images.

Facebook had posted on their Twitter that they are aware of what is going on at the moment. They will try to get what ever is causing this back to normal. On Facebook’s “Platform Status” page, it says that the service is supposed to be healthy whereas, it clearly isn’t.

People who are being affected by this weird issue are mainly in the UK and Europe. Other countries include the United States and Japan. The last time all of Facebook’s major services had issues, it lasted for many hours, no doubt leaving many people angry at the company. The issue was then later solved and blamed on a server issue. It had a knock-on effect upon Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook as all three of them share the same infrastructure.

This time, the issue was blamed on a configuration change that Facebook had made to their servers. They have now stated that the problem is fixed and that their servers are recovering. Tom Sanders, the co-founder of Downdetector, had said that their systems had processed approximately 7.5 million problem reports from the start to end of the outage.