For more than a decade, the Fitbit has helped people all over the world live healthier and create more active lives. It helped more than 29 million active users! That’s incredible! Last year, 2020, Google claimed they would make their own version of the Fitbit through a collaboration. This year, 2021, they have announced their completion of the device and claims it to be game-changing.

Fitbit and Google Fitness Wearable Collaboration

Fitbit’s most advanced health and fitness smartwatch, named “Fitbit Sense” feature stress management and new software, having an ECG app to access heart rhythms for signs of heart problems (Google claims it will help detect signs of atrial fibrillation.) With the latest (and supposedly the greatest) Tracker, Inspire two. Fitbit gave you enhanced design and features, for example, Active Zone Minutes, to its most accessible device. Google added a new Health Metrics Dashboard inside the Fitbit app, which can receive info from the watch to look at your health after your run, to see how many steps you did, your heart rate O2 etc.


This new software helps you manage your health and wellness, also when combined with Fitbit premium personalised options, content and guidance. Fitbit has most of the thing’s you need to reach your goals. Google says that all of us together (mainly them and Fitbit) can change the health industry completely. Fitbit merging with Google with their AI may be good or bad, we just have to wait and see what happens.