The Best Sports Betting Bots in 2024

Artificial intelligence is the hottest commodity in the tech world, with many big-name tech companies battling for dominance in the AI world, including creating the best sports betting bots available.
If you are new to the world of sports betting bots and keen to learn more about how machine learning can help your betting, this is the page for you. We’ll closely examine the best betting bots available, pricing models, accuracy, free trials, and a lot more. We’ll even tell you how to build your sports betting bots!

List of the Best Sports Betting Bots

Let’s start with a rundown of today’s top 10 sports betting bots available to bettors.

  1. BetIdeas – No.1 AI sports betting predictor for value selections
  2. Sports AI – Demonstrably profitable in sports like Basketball
  3. RebelBetting – Make profits from 10-30% betting on sports!
  4. ZCode System – Unrivalled range of profitable systems and experts
  5. Predictology – IA software that analyzes over 350,000 football matches
  6. Findyourbettingtips – Continuous betting profits for the last 12 months
  7. 1X2AI – Completely free soccer AI tips and data trends
  8. Leans – AI gambling bot with a heavy focus on US sports
  9. Accuscore – Returns 900% a year on NFL over ten years
  10. Reggie the Bot – Get real-time stats and bet selections

What are Sports Betting Bots?

Sports betting bots are software programs developed to analyze historical data. This analysis churns out probabilities and then compares them to the odds available across a range of sportsbooks. If the probability of an event is greater than the implied odds, then the betting bot will put the outcome up as a recommended bet.

AI prediction sites and gambling bots are becoming increasingly prevalent in sports betting, but very few are free of charge, and subscription fees vary quite wildly. One of the key factors you also need to consider when assessing an automated betting bot is the credibility of the results. It’s a big boon if a bot has its results verified by a credible third-party platform like BetVerify, something that ZCode System does.

How Do Sports Betting Bots Work?

마틴게일 스포츠베팅

Sports betting bots collect thousands of data points to assess the probability of an event occurring, such as the probability of Barcelona having more than 12 corners in a game, opening up betting opportunities that may prove profitable.

No bet recommendation will be made if the sportsbook odds accurately reflect this probability. Betting bots will only churn out VALUE bets, where the probability of an event is greater than the implied sportsbook odds. This is one of the great advantages of using an AI betting bot.

Reviews of the Best Sports Betting Bots

Now, we will take a closer look at our top five gambling bots. What kind of profitable opportunities do they discover? Does each bot use specific algorithms? Our expert team looked at each of the best sports betting bots on the market. Here’s what their research found.

1. BetIdeas – No.1 AI sports betting predictor for value selections

BetIdeas home page

BetIdeas is one of the top sports betting bote, especially for soccer fans and football punters. This site uses cutting-edge AI to carve out value betting predictions based on historical data. It evaluates the probability of an event and then assesses whether the odds underestimate that probability. If they do, then BetIdeas posts the wager as a prediction.

Most BetIdeas’ predictions are geared towards soccer betting. Whatever type of soccer bet you like to have, BetIdeas has you covered. Selections include BTTS (both teams to score), corners, over/unders, cards, and win tips. Although the site also covers boxing and golf, it lacks a bit of variety. However, BetIdeas plans to cover US pro league sports in the near future.

One of the most appealing features of BetIdeas is that, unlike many sports betting bots, this site is completely free to use. That includes the hugely popular ‘Bet Of The Day’ feature.


  • All predictions free of charge
  • No need to register an account
  • AI-powered probability percentage on each market
  • Daily ‘Bets of the Day’


  • Predictions largely based on soccer games
  • No in-running or ‘live’ predictions

2. SportsAI – Demonstrably profitable in sports like Basketball

Sports AI homepage

If you want to unlock profitable betting opportunities powered by AI machine learning, then you have to give Sports AI a go. This relatively new automated betting bot likes to keep things simple. The site churns up to a thousand bets daily on soccer, football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, handball, and cricket.

With an ROI on every bet up to 17%, this AI gambling bot shows a demonstrably profitable record. If you like to bet on basketball, then you will lobe Sports AI because their basketball bets are showing a remarkable 48% profit on turnover, making it the most profitable sport to bet AI predictions.

If you want to keep on top of all the site’s latest predictions, sign up for their Telegram service, and you won’t miss a wager. Sports AI does have a small subscription fee. You can choose from the $6.99-a-month option or a one-off payment of $34.99, which gives you lifetime access!


  • Huge 48% profit on basketball predictions
  • Wide range of sports coverage
  • Up to 1,000 bets every day
  • Don’t miss a prediction on the free Telegram service


  • Subscription fees, albeit low

3. RebelBetting – Make profits from 10-30% betting on sports!

RebelBetting homepage

RebelBetting is an exciting new AI gambling bot that provides two different types of software for its users. At RebelBetting, you can use “Value betting” software or “Sure betting” software. These are very different programs and will appeal to very different types of sports bettors.

Value betting software churns out value-based predictions based on overpriced odds and shows a monthly ROI of 30%. Sure betting is an arbitrage program that alerts subscribers to an arbitrage opportunity. Users then cover all game outcomes and show a profit every time. Profit levels on this service range from 10-30%, but ultimately, the bigger your bankroll is, the bigger your profits will be from using this service.

High returns mean that RebelBetting goes quite big on the subscription fees. The Pro package is $169 per month, while the Starter option is $89 per month. You can, however, cancel your subscriptions at any time, not that you would want to!


  • Software packages to suit different types of bettors
  • Demonstrably strong profits
  • Very useful ‘Community’ section on the site
  • Free 14-day trial
  • Web and mobile-friendly


  • Chunky subscription fees

4. ZCode System – Unrivalled range of profitable systems and experts

ZCode System home page

Having been around since 1999, ZCode has established itself as one of most trustworthy betting AI bots around. When it comes to choice, you will do well to find a bet bot with a more extensive range of systems, trends, and experts.

ZCode’s Top Automated Systems page is your go-to section for which are performing best at any given time. Positions in the table are calculated on the last three month’s performance based around a “Systems Power Ranking Formula”.

You’ll also find a Hot Trends section that ranks the ‘Top 30 Hottest Experts’ based on performance, likes, and experience points gained over the previous two weeks.

Results on ZCode going back 5 years are 100% verified by BetVerify, and the profit levels are off the scale for many systems. For example, the Valdemar Specific Teams System: FootballDog Stars, has made $3,501 in the last three months alone.

So, how much does it cost? New customers are charged $155 per month, which gives you access to everything on the site. It’s a chunky amount, but ZCode’s results are hard to resist!


  • Unrivaled range of systems, trends, and tipsters
  • 100% fully verified results going back 5 years
  • The Top Automated Systems page ranks performance
  • Huge community of bettors to engage with
  • Betting systems seeking value from low-risk


  • The subscription fee is quite strong
  • Hard to focus with so many systems

5. Predictology – IA software that analyzes over 350,000 football matches

Predictology Homepage

Predictology is a soccer betting and trading platform. It’s huge database of statistics allows you to analyze over 350,000 matches, across 68 competitions, in order to build your own betting systems. Alternatively, you can choose one of the 35 prediction models developed by the team. Predictology say that these are profitable but we have no way of verifying that.

One of the most popular features of this football betting bot is the “Live Bets Dashboard”, which churns out data-orientated trades throughout the day.

The site is mobile-friendly and users can set up in-play alerts for system bets that have met your chosen criteria. You can also access bet and trade recommendations, including in-play alerts, via the Predictology Telegram channel.

When it comes to costs, Predictology currently costs $39.97 (includes two months free) for your first three months of membership, which we think is very reasonable.


  • Analyze over 350,000 football matches
  • Build your own systems or use one of 35 in-house options
  • Live Bets Dashboard keeps you in the loop 24×7
  • Dedicated Telegram channel for bet alerts


  • Verifying the profitability of pre-built systems isn’t easy
  • $39.97 monthly fee is on the chunky side

Sports Betting Bots Comparison

Rank Sports Betting Bot Sports Free Trial? Pricing Models Additional Info
#1 BetIdeas Football All is free Free Euro Leagues Only
#2 SportsAI Most Popular Sports No $6.99 PCM to $34.99 PCM Telegram Bot Available
#3 RebelBetting Most Popular Sports Yes £59 PCM to £118 PCM Often Has Sales
#4 ZCode System Most Popular Sports 60-Day Money Back Guarantee £157 PCM Often Has Sales
#5 Predictology Football No £97 for first six months £97 for first six months

Accuracy of Sports Betting Bots

We believe it is important that betting bots are transparent about their performance and results. Ideally, this information will be available on the site’s homepage, so it is not behind the paywall of the subscription fee.

This is something that we’ve paid close attention to in our top 10 list of sports betting bots. For example, BetIdeas lists EVERY one of their predictions in reverse order (most recent at the top) so you can see precisely which predictions have won and lost. ZCode System goes a step further by having its results verified by a third-party site like BetVerify.

The best sites will make their results available, free of charge, so that you can see exactly what you are subscribing to, although it’s well worth remembering that past results are no guarantee of future profits.

Different Types of Sports Betting Bots

There are unlimited types of bots that can be created to be used to gamble on sports. That is because there are thousands of variables that go into the creation of any single bot. Let’s look at some of the different types of gambling bots out there.

Building Your Own Sports Betting Bot

Building your own bot is one of the best ways to learn about this software’s endless possibilities. You will learn about the nuances, the tweaks, and the fine detail that goes into creating the most accurate software programs. Then, you can create an automation that can generate long-term profits.

You will probably need help along the way, as there is a steep learning curve for bettors just starting in the AI world. However, the satisfaction that comes from creating your own profitable bots is off the scale.

Using A Sports Betting Bot Created By Someone Else

There are so many betting bots out there already that it’s very easy to start using one created by someone else. The key here is checking the system’s results, not just for profit or loss. Some systems will show a long-term profit but still go on long losing runs, which can pressure your bank. Others might churn out small long-term profits but turn over large amounts of cash. There is a lot to think about!

AI Betting Bots

AI betting bots are great because they have the power to trawl through mountains of data in the blink of an eye. The speed and accuracy are next level, and as we learn more about AI’s power, the boundaries will just keep being pushed out further.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using a Sports Betting Bot

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using sports betting bots? Let’s break down the key factors.


  • They do the hard yards for you in terms of homework
  • Access to historical data going back up to 10 years
  • Profitable long-term results
  • Predictions are value-based
  • Wide range of sports and markets


  • Some sites focus primarily on soccer
  • Subscription fees can be quite high
  • Some online sportsbooks limit players who follow AI predictions

Can You Use ChatGPT for Sports Betting AI?

ChatGPT is one of the most heard-of AI tools, but can it be used to create a ChatGPT sports betting bot? The short answer is yes, but it’s a tool that lacks refinement. ChatGPT can organize vast amounts of data and identify statistics, patterns, and trends. However, the sophisticated betting bots highlighted on this page go much deeper in their analysis of games – for example, considering the quality of an opponent and marrying up these probabilities with sportsbook odds.

As things stand, ChatGPT wouldn’t be able to include data generated after April 2023, which would be an issue for anyone wanting to use this bot to generate comprehensive data stacks.

How to Choose a Sports Betting Bot

With so many sports betting bots around, it’s important that you are clear about what exactly you are looking to get out of using one.

Each bot will have its own pros and cons. For example, they all charge different subscription fees or cover different sports ranges. With this in mind, we’ve come up with three criteria that you should focus on when deciding which bot to use. These are:

  1. How Much Effort Does It Take to Use? – Ultimately, this is entirely down to you. Many bet bots require zero effort on your part, and they churn out bet recommendations based on a set of criteria. However, some sites allow you to build your bots based on your unique criteria.
  2. How Much Money Does It Cost? – Prices vary, from the completely free BetIdeas to the $169/month pro package at RebelBetting. Whatever the cost involved, ensure you understand what you are getting for your money.
  3. Does it Cover the Right Sports for You? – Some sports betting bots focus heavily on soccer, so you must be clear about what other sports a betting bot covers and what types of bets they typically produce.

How to Use a Sports Betting Bot

We’ll now walk you through the steps to join any services that utilize a betting bot. We’ve chosen to use SportsAI as an example.

  1. Step 1: Visit Sports AI

    To begin with, head over to the SportsAI site and hit the “Login/Register” option in the top right corner of the homepage.
  2. Sports AI homepage

  3. Step 2: Fill out registration form

    The registration form takes just seconds to fill in and once you have filled all the fields, click on “Register” at the bottom of the page.
  4. SportsAI Registration Page

  5. Step 3: Verify email

    SportsAI will now send you an email so that you can verify your email address. Click on the “Confirm Your Email” button.
  6. SportsAI E-Mail Verification

  7. Step 4: Login and choose your package

    Now, simply login to the site and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, where you can select the right plan for you. You’ll be asked for your payment details, and then you will be signed up and can start using the SportsAI software.
  8. SportsAI Packages

Sports You Can Use a Bot to Bet On

Betting bots cover all the most popular sports and leagues. There is a heavy focus on soccer and many of the top automated betting bots. This is because it’s the most popular sport to bet on worldwide. However, using a bot to analyze data on any sport is possible.

Whatever the sport, a bot will crunch through the historical data (at the speed of light!) and come up with an accurate probability of an event happening. At that point, the bot scans sportsbook odds to determine whether its probability percentage is a recommended value bet at the available odds.

The bet bot sites on this page have predictions based on most of the top pro sports around the world, including the following:

  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Motor Racing
  • Volleyball

The Best Sports Betting Bot

Our top pick for the best betting AI bot is BetIdeas. Why? First and foremost, it’s completely free so there is no barrier to entry. Furthermore, the results are strong, with predictions having a provably profitable record over a lengthy period.

BetIdeas is heavily soccer-focused but has become the predominant betting sport around Europe, and it’s growing rapidly in the US.

Responsible Gambling

In the advent of artificial intelligence, in addition to the rise of AI models available for sports betting, you must prioritize a staking plan that doesn’t stretch your bank beyond its means. If you are worried that you are betting beyond your means, you must take a break using the responsible gambling tools on the gambling operator’s website.

Check out our responsible gambling resource page for more information on this subject. Alternatively, the links below will point you in the direction of reputable organizations that can help you if you feel you have developed a gambling problem.


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