The Galaxy Watch Active2 has heart rate monitoring and ECG (only in South Korea as of now) but has now got blood pressure monitoring. About two months ago, Samsung had announced that the blood pressure monitoring feature and that the feature had been cleared by the South Korean drug safety agency. Now, the feature is being released in South Korea. As well as this, the Health Monitor app has also launched after being cleared by South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS).

Samsung Health App Blood Pressure Measurement History

How to calibrate the Galaxy Watch Active2 to take your blood pressure

In order for South Korean users to monitor their blood pressure, they need to calibrate their watch. They do this by using a traditional cuff blood pressure machine. The user can then use the Galaxy Watch Active2’s blood pressure monitor whenever they deem fit. The Samsung Health Monitor app can only be installed on Galaxy smartphones that have Android 7.0 or newer.

The Samsung Health Monitor app needs to be installed on the smartwatch AND the smartphone it is paired to. Then, whenever you take your blood pressure, it is synced to the Samsung Health app. After tracking your blood pressure, you can track it by days, weeks, and months. If you see that your blood pressure isn’t healthy/what it should be, then you can share the data with your doctor or a medical professional.

To make sure that the smartwatch stays as accurate as possible, the user should calibrate their smartwatch. You do this by just using a traditional blood pressure cuff every four weeks.

The software update that brings the Health Monitor app to the Galaxy Watch Active2 brings the firmware version R820XXU1BTF3. The update has a file size of 30.74MB – not large at all.