Facebook has announced a new feature they’re bringing to the table. Facebook Manage Activity is coming to help you move on from certain parts of your life. It helps you to bulk delete (trash) and archive your past posts.

Manage Activity Lets You Delete and Archive

Manage Activity is there to help you archive or delete your old posts with ease – all in one place. We all know what it means to delete posts. Archive, however, is for posts you still don’t want others to see but can still keep for yourself. For example, a post you made when you were young that you sill find funny, but you don’t want other people to see it.

manage activity

When you do delete posts, they’ll stay for 30 days unless you decide to manually delete or restore them. After the 30 days, they’ll be permanently gone.

Manage Activity also makes it easier for you to manage your posts. You get to view and manage your posts in bulk. There are also filters to help you find specific posts. For example, posts that involve specific people or a specific date range.

The new feature is first available on Facebook Lite on mobiles but will come to desktops too.