To nobody’s surprise, Apple has merged audio into the Lightning connector on the iPhone 7, removing the 3.5mm audio jack. As evidence of the lack of surprise, DarioHealth unveiled a new glucose meter on Thursday, one day after Apple’s announcement, which works with the iPhone’s Lightning connector.

Previously, the DarioHealth blood glucose monitoring system connected via the audio jack. The new device offers the same functionality and design, the only difference is the connector.

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“This news comes as no surprise to us, and we’ve been working on a solution for quite some time now,” said DarioHealth CEO, Erez Raphael. “Our team’s agility to navigate the complex mobile ecosystem showcases DarioHealth’s versatility and passion to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in general, and the diabetes healthcare market specifically.”

Easier glucose monitoring could slow disease’s progress

DarioHealth provides the glucose meter to diabetics, letting them measure their blood sugar levels. The scan results are shown on the company’s iPhone app, alongside previous measurements.

Data is sent to a carer or physician, giving them a routine update on blood sugar levels and any issues. The app also gives patients an emotional and environmental log, and a list of food options.

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in certain parts of the world. In the U.S., 21 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, according to the CDC, with a further 8 million undiagnosed, totalling 9.3 percent of the population.

DarioHealth recently received approval from the FDA to sell its glucose meter in the U.S. It already sells the device in Australia, Canada, and parts of Europe. The new Lightning connector option will be available at the start of the next year.