With the release of the Tizen Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch and the accompanying SDK, we are looking forward to seeing what use this technology can be put to. One use case is fitness and we should see more titles coming soon, but one that will be ready to go at Launch is Dacadoo.
The Dacadoo App is a leading fitness application on the Android, iOS and BlackBerry platforms with an interesting feature, it calculates your fitness level in real time giving you a fitness score, from 0 (poor) to 10000 (excellent) which is based on several factors including levels of nutrition, exercises and your sleep routine. The score is based on research from MIT in Boston and calls on many cardio and cerebrovascular risk studies and life questionnaires.
The app also incorporates “gamification” uses in an effort to get you to exercising more and though this might not appeal to everyone, some will love it.
All Samsung Gear 2 users get free 60 day access while kids and youth under 20 years-old get free unlimited access to the dacadoo Health Score Platform.

“We are excited that, now with Samsung Gear 2, individuals can view their Health Score and   feedback on their wrist, in real time.” – Peter Ohnemus Dacadoo CEO

 “Dacadoo used advanced data science technology to come up with a single number to measure overall health and wellbeing of an individual, so that its simple to understand, and can be easily compared with others, regardless of their age and gender. We also made it easy for users to track their activities, the way they like it, as Dacadoo works  with over 40 popular fitness tracking devices and we are continuously adding more.” said Dacadoo CEO, 
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