The custom software development industry has marked an all-time high in revenue. The industry is expected to touch 146 billion dollars worth in market size with an expected CAGR of 22%. This has led to businesses constantly looking for custom software developers.

However, keeping up with reliable development companies that can implement the latest technologies into software products is challenging. We have listed the top 10 Custom Software development Companies of 2023. The review list is based on market research and analysis of over 1000 software development companies.

List of Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies in 2023

1. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is a stellar custom development company based in India and the USA that has successfully developed and deployed 1000+ IT solutions to local and global clients. With more than 12+ years of experience, OpenXcell and its team of seasoned custom software developers and exceptional infrastructure has made their mark in delivering innovative software solutions.

OpenXcell has delivered custom software development services to more than 700+ clients worldwide. These services include development, testing, UI/UX design, deployment, post-launch maintenance, and more. The company’s portfolio includes highly skilled developers who tailor software products to business requirements. SMEs, startups, and big conglomerates all avail OpenXcell’s quality services to jumpstart growth and revenue.

2.Spire Digital, Kin + Carta

Spire Digital is part of Kin + Carta, a custom software development firm based in Denver. The firm transforms businesses through new-age technology and tailored solutions. With 21+ years of experience, it has successfully implemented software solutions incorporated with the latest technologies of IoT, AR/VR, AI, blockchain, and more.

Spire Digital aims to build business-critical applications that guarantee increased revenue, operational productivity, brand value, and customer satisfaction. With a team of more than 100 expert professionals, the company delivers quality solutions in various fields of user experience design, custom software development, DevOps, and digital marketing. It boasts around 400+ happy clients.

3. Frog

Recently made a proud partner of Cannes Lion 2023, the Frog is a software development company that leaves an indelible mark on all its clients. Founded in 1969, the Frog was an individual software development company before Capgemini acquired it in 2021.

The company is popular for its state-of-the-art global software designs that transform and reinvent businesses by creating better brand identities and advanced products. Its vast resource pool and skillful tech talent benefit many businesses in the long run.

The company aims to redesign businesses while driving growth and orchestrating customer-centric transformation. It strives for sustainability and business inclusivity while catering to all business models.

4. Eze Software

A global provider of investment management software solutions, SS&C Eze, has designed and developed many IT solutions that have reinvented trading channels and order management.
For 25+ years, Eze Software has delivered easily integrable, scalable software and services that optimize operational and investment alphas across all business channels.

Solutions built by the company have successfully increased the efficiency of trade order processes in trade order management and execution, portfolio analytics and modeling, operations, compliance, regulatory reporting, commission management, portfolio management, and investor accounting. These robust solutions are versatile and encourage the holistic growth of the businesses that have implemented them.

5. Radancy (Formerly known as TMP Worldwide)

Radancy(TMP worldwide) is another future-focused company with a fantastic portfolio of delivering IT projects. Its award-winning TalentBrew Career sites are fully branded, device responsive, and socially enabled. Their dedicated teams allow job seekers to find the right career path.

Other successful projects also include recruitment marketing software platforms and talent acquisition software. With a rich history of quality solutions and stellar consultation services, Radancy is on a constant watch for the best developmental talent and technologies to deliver to its clients—definitely, a company to watch out for software development services.

6. Symbio

Symbio is a global provider of digital services which provides its customers with revolutionary digital services that connect, engage, and drive businesses. The company provides a spectrum of services that helps corporate clients grow and gain an advantage over their peers.

Known for developing long-lasting collaborations, the company’s engagement methodology enables them to respond to rapidly evolving markets and technology.
Since 2014, Symbio has been a part of VXI Global Solutions, a business renowned for its well-designed customer care solutions and for creating imaginative client experiences; VXI employs 35,000 people in 42 locations in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.

7. Insigma Technology

Insigma Technology, a $1 billion worldwide IT solutions firm, is the industry leader regarding innovation in IT solutions. Insigma Technology has found clients among the top brands in the world and has offices in 31 locations across nations, including China, the US, Japan, and Europe.

The business claims to have a skilled staff of 6000 skilled coders and access to many more. Application development, systems integration, product engineering, software testing, and QA are just a few services it offers. Additionally, the business offers complete support services after a product launch.

Fintech services, healthcare, manufacturing, e-government, telecommunications, and energy are a few of the sectors for which Insigma technology has contributed with stellar software solutions.

8. Blueyonder(Formerly known as JDA Software)

Blueyonder is yet another custom software development company that has made it to our list. Blueyonder delivers end-to-end supply chain management digital solutions. These solutions seamlessly help you connect supply chains and improve profits more in an omnichannel world.

With Blueyonder, you can efficiently provide for your end consumers while improving their interaction with your retail location or product, all while meeting your business objectives. Blueyonder integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions are used by more than 4,000 global clients. These solutions improve time to value, enhance revenue, and optimize costs.

9. Customertimes

Customertimes is a leading worldwide consulting and solutions company specializing in imbibing cutting-edge technology in business workflows and making them succeed. The company specializes in digital transformation, streamlining procedures, improving operations, and fostering development.

The firm helps organizations succeed in the long run by providing strategic consultation, technology installation, and continuous support. Trusted by customers worldwide, Customertimes approaches each project with a client-centric mindset and significant industry knowledge.

Customertimes aids customers in staying competitive by adopting new technologies quickly. With a significant worldwide footprint, the business serves clients both domestic and international clients. The company is dedicated to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Companies looking for transformational results in the digital era should confidently collaborate with Customertimes.

10. Apriorit

Alas, Apriorit is a specialized software engineering firm made to our list for its quality IT solutions and software product. Specializing in Cybersecurity and R&D, Apriorit supports modern enterprises in their software development.  updating existing software systems and setting up cloud services. The company is equipped with excellent developmental capabilities along with a team of reliable 400+ expert developers and 21 years of experience,

The company is headquartered in the US, Poland, and Europe and hosts over 20 Quality Analysis, Research, and Development teams.


Searching for the right custom software development team in an already saturated industry can overwhelm many businesses. One can refer to this list of Top custom software developers of 2023. However, businesses must understand their requirements before looking for the right development company.

All companies listed above provide the best services within deadlines and at competitive prices. They fulfill all parameters, such as experience, tech stack, compliance, etc.

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Jayneel Patel

Jayneel Patel is a visionary leader and the CEO of OpenXcell, a pioneering software development company at the forefront of innovation. He's been in the tech industry for over a decade, and his expertise is in steering the industry toward groundbreaking solutions. As a thought leader, Jayneel shares insights on emerging technologies, leadership, and the future of software at various platforms.