Brightkite is one of the hottest mobile social networks on the scene. With a vast array of offerings and an active network of users to boot, you’re bound to find someone near you or something new to check out. Recently this promising mobile social network released an official iPhone app to compliment its web app. Here’s our take on what could be the best mobile social networking app available for the iPhone.

The Scoop on Brightkite’s iPhone App

We’re already fans of the iPhone optimized version of Brightkite. However, it does leave room for some improvements. This is where the iPhone app picks up the slack. Once you login with your credentials you’re greeted with the “I am…” screen. Here you can check in to another place, post a note or photo, or allow Brightkite to locate you via the Location Service feature on the iPhone. Locating a user is where Brightkite shines! The “Find Me” feature was extremely accurate with locating my location and also offered several other options of where I might be for me to pick. Brightkite also has a “place snapping” button that lets you allow the app to automatically update your location while you’re on the go. It keeps tabs on how long it’s been since your last update and the accuracy of your location.

You can also view your friend’s activities, the activities of the Brightkite universe, view your address book of friends, see who’s nearby, check your messages, accept or deny requests, and tons more. The Brightkite app also plays nicely with Google Maps on the iPhone so that you can get directions to where your friends are on the fly by simply touching the map of your friend’s latest location. All in all, this app rocks!

Better Than Its Web Counterpart

If you have any room left on your iPhone for another application, Brightkite is worth the space. Though some users will still be haunted with the various problems that plague most mobile social networks, Brightkite’s iPhone app makes the service seem a little more convenient and could cause many to use it a lot more. We only warn you to be careful with leaving the “locate me” feature on as this can be a battery life drainer on the iPhone, but is necessary to turn on if you want to use the app. Check out this awesome video of the Brightkite iPhone app in action just below:

Brightkite for the iPhone from Brightkite on Vimeo.


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