Timothy Hirzel

Tim Hirzel has a BA in Computer Science from Harvard University and an MS from MIT’s Media Lab. He brings extensive experience in managing teams working on data science, machine learning, quantum chemistry, and device simulation to his current role as Zapata Computing's Chief Product Officer. Since 2005, Tim has been a software engineer and architect in science-based technology startups. Today he is focused on delivering a best in class quantum computing platform for Zapata and its customers.

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quantum computing

Quantum Computing Will Always be Hybrid, and that Calls for Orchestration

The modern computing revolution was driven by the evolution of the central processing unit (CPU), which became smaller and more complex over time. That evolution culminated in the microprocessor, the dominant form of CPU today. Along the way, more specialized chips — graphical processing units (GPU), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and application specific integrated circuits […]