Theresa Hus

Theresa Hus

Real Estate specialist

Theresa Hus is a content writer for with decades of experience in real estate. Theresa is all about coming up with topics that go beyond the basic real estate agent advice and home buyers/home sellers "how to" articles you see around.

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When the COVID is Past – Let’s go to Naples Florida

When the COVID is past — you’ll need a break. No need to look further than Naples, Florida. If you are on the lookout for a perfect location to golf, fish, or for relaxation, search no further. The beautiful coastline of the Gulf has everything you are looking for. The picturesque waterfront of the Gulf […]

the impact of color

Mural Paintings and the Impact of Colors in Our Lives

IoT is even infiltrating the real estate market. Close your eyes and name the first color that comes to your mind. Is it a four-letter word? Does it start with B? Then it must be BLUE. When it comes to interior design, most adults are in love with the color blue. America‚Äôs favorite colors for […]