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Three New Tools Bring Machine Learning Insights to the Masses

Over the past few years, machine learning has quickly become the “secret sauce” of large-scale web sites. Machine learning systems have historically been hand-crafted by the small armies of computer science and mathematics Ph.D.s in employ at places like Google. With the growing popularity of machine learning and other statistical techniques, the…

The Disintegration of PaaS

In PaaS Makes Progress in 2011, I argued that the previous 12 months had been pivotal to the advancement of platform-as-a-service. As a result of this fast-paced evolution, the PaaS of 2012 is quite a different beast than that of just a couple of years ago. While this second-generation PaaS differs in many ways from initial forays in the field, one…

PaaS Makes Progress in 2011

While Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) has always had its cheerleaders – yours truly included – the harsh reality is that, commercially speaking, PaaS offerings have underperformed relative to expectations for several years running. This is particularly the case among enterprises, which have, by and large, turned a blind eye to the technology.