Are you looking for some easy and effective growth hacks to boost your budding business? This is a fast-paced environment especially due to the rise of the internet. Hence the proverb, “Slow and steady wins the race,” does not fit the slot much in today’s world. You need to be smart enough to implement different growth hacking strategies to get the desired results.

Seven growth hacks for small businesses and startups.

There are several methodologies to fast-track the success of your business or startup. By following proven strategies, one can easily improve the sales of his/her business. This growth-hacker technique has been developed by Sean Ellis. Ellis emphasizes the need to achieve the desired results quickly by using minimal expenditure.

Given below are some growth hacks that have been practiced by huge brand names. Used in early stages will an impact on the customers – and gain you hefty profits:

1) Target Social Media Platforms for Customer-Retargeting

The best way to engage with your potential customer is by targeting them when they first visit your website. This can be done by implementing targeted ads that help in linking the one-time visitor with your site. You want them to come back to your website soon. This early engagement encourages them to return to your site and tempts them to not miss any deal or offer which is live on that product.

Your strategy is to convert your visitors into regular customers. This targeting method is the best one to serve this purpose and will help you achieve your revenue target faster.

There are several startups who keep track of their visitors’ online footprints and follow them everywhere for a faster and large impact.

2) Increase Funds to Expand Your Business

It is true: “Money makes more money.” Investing money after you implement several growth hacks is crucial for your upward growth trajectory. You may ask your co-founders and other investors to invest in the development of the business.

Once your business attains a pre-determined target, venture capitalists start getting interested to invest into the expansion of the business.

As your product sale increases, more investors start investing and this increases the capital of the business. If you’re not able to increase capital with investors then consider using small business working capital loans to expand. Capital expansion plays a key role in bringing change in the growth of any company and help in building a better system of enhancing productivity.

3) Focus on Content Marketing and Use Content Upgrades

Content marketing is a useful tool to multiply the number of leads for your business.  Conducted by demand metric, this survey notes that content marketing tends to boost the business by reducing the costs by around 62 percent.

The first step is to add a blog on the website so customers get engaged with the solutions provided by your startup.

If you implement proper SEO on your blog, you will be able to watch the metrics go up visibility. You will witness the growth of your audience as their engagement increases. If there is an option of providing relevant content upgrades in exchange for your customers email, you will be able to collect a huge list of customers. These are your customers who want to be with you and your product.

Almost all the websites like google, amazon etc. use this simple strategy to bring their customers into confidence about its services.

4) Use Exit-Intent to Build a Large Email Base

There are several companies that rely upon gathering customer emails and forming a huge collection so that they can directly connect with the customers for amazing deals, promotional offers or discounts etc. that lures the customers back to their website.

Such small incentives and offers are loved by everyone, therefore, using these exit-intent popups to save their personal email so that the conversion rates rise up and you can keep track of all the customer activities and when he is about to leave your website, you can keep the customers engaged by adding this simple exit-intent.

5) Hire Like-Minded People to Accomplish Your Goal

To attain your goal fast, it is necessary to form a team of hard-working people who are dedicated to achieving the goals and have the enthusiasm to work as a team. Their goals must match the goals of the organization so that they can push harder for the growth of the team as a whole.

It is necessary as the growth of any company relies upon its human resources who are the assets of the company and always work to enhance the growth of the organization and reach the top position.

6) Work hard to Make Your Products Perfect

Your company must expand its resources to make your products an exhibit of excellent quality. This attention to detail will demand the value for your product. 

When you focus on crafting each product in the best way possible, the product will automatically be able to compete in the market. Your increased competition will lead to a flourishing growth of revenue for your company.

This will also lead to the development of future growth vision and prospects. You will begin to establish your business around the world. Having a premium product and marketing it well opens multiple avenues to operating your business internationally.

7) Engage in Feedbacks From Customers

Feedback is the best way to uncover the weak areas in your product or service. This immediately makes your services more user-centric. Getting feedback from your customers regarding your service or product provides room for improvement. This feedback helps as customers get to engage with your support team and get solutions. which increases their loyalty to your company.

Customers are your best measure to gain knowledge about your product or service. You can then make immediate updates and changes. Your customers will bring in many ideas for future products.

Incorporate these growth hacks into your startup environment from the early stages. Your business will grow exponentially and this is the most cost-effective way to obtain growth. Say “no” to ineffective traditional marketing practices and brings these smart hacks into the picture.

James Grills

James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor - currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.