According to the Women’s Heart Foundation, coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death in women. More than twice as many women die from cardiovascular disease as from all forms of cancer combined. Evaluation for suspected coronary disease differs in women because of frequently misleading results provided by treadmill testing without imaging. Gender differences have been observed in treatment practices, and the optimal approach for women has yet to be established.

Wanda Health is a predictive analytics firm that focuses on the treatment and prevention of chronic disease such a heart disease, by developing

formulas to efficiently leverage precision medicine.  This week they announced the launch of myWanda, the first and only mobile application specifically aimed at empowering women to improve the health of their hearts.


myWanda delivers personalized support for developing heart healthy behaviors. The app encourages women to set specific lifestyle goals known as “Pathways” for exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and hydration. myWanda then delivers daily tips, advice, and inspiration to help women stay on track to achieve these goals, thereby creating measurable improvements to their heart health and overall well-being.

myWanda simplifies patients’ lives

Although heart disease is the number one killer of women in America, approximately 80 percent of cases are preventable through education and lifestyle changes. This is where myWanda comes in – leveraging data science, applied medical research, and proven engagement methodologies to deliver support through an engaging, visually-driven mobile interface.

Wanda is dedicated to simplifying and improving the lives of individuals with chronic conditions, blending predictive analytics and behavioral science to enrich the remote health and patient management experience. myWanda is the company’s first consumer app, featuring a leading-class personalized communication strategy that makes it easy for women to receive support, education, and guidance. Wanda’s digital health platform collects critical information from individuals and utilizes machine learning to deliver ongoing risk analysis and decision support.

“We’re excited to bring a technology solution to market that can truly inform, motivate, and support women to take better care of their hearts — and potentially save lives in the process,” said Wanda CEO Steve Curd.

“At Wanda, our approach has always been crystal-clear: how do we translate the most advanced technological capabilities into human-centered solutions,” according to CCO Mark Heinemeyer. “The myWanda app truly embodies the vision of harnessing powerful technologies to improve people’s lives.”  Heinemeyer further notes that Wanda intends to sync myWanda with multiple wearable devices in the future and that myWanda will soon accept data from many of the popular personal fitness wearable devices.