ICSA Labs jumps into the IoT security testing pool

Securing the rapidly-expanding universe of connected technology just got a helping hand from a new assurance testing program for Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and devices.

According to a press release, ICSA Labs is launching a new security testing program that will focus on assurance testing for IoT.

The new IoT Security Testing and Certification Program will see ICSA Labs test six key components:  communications, alert/logging, platform security, cryptography, physical security and authentication. Any devices carrying the ICSA Labs IoT certification will be tested over their lifecycle at regularly established intervals in order to ensure the devices remain secure.

“We expect the Internet of Things to be the next digital wave,” said ICSA Labs managing director George Japak. “Given the enormity and complexity of the space, it can be tricky for enterprises to navigate. We know from multiple recent studies that the #1 concern among adopters is security and privacy, and our new IoT Security Testing and Certification Program directly addresses this concern.”

A projected 25.6 billion IoT devices are expected to enter the marketplace in 2019, rising from 9.7 billion in 2014, according to Verizon’s State of the Market: Internet of Things 2016 report. By 2020, market growth is expected to see 30 billion devices online.

IoT security a growing concern

Parallel to this growth, IoT security is becoming a top concern as industry leaders try to ensure the rapidly proliferating devices are not easy prey for hackers. A recent study predicted annualized growth in the IoT security market will reach nearly 55% through 2019.

“Currently very little exists in the form of organized testing and/or standards to ensure IoT devices and the data exchanged is protected,” Japak said. “This program is aimed at filling that gap especially as more companies embrace the Internet of Things to streamline business and provide higher levels of customer service.”

Meanwhile, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recently launched new standards to test web-connected devices for security vulnerabilities. UL’s move was a response to the Cybersecurity National Action Plan launched by the White House in February, with UL’s IoT standards developed with the help of several government departments.

ICSA Labs is an independent security testing division of Verizon Business covering anti-virus, firewalls, IPsec VPN, cryptography, SSL VPN, network IPS and anti-spyware technology.

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