Silicon Valley Street Style is a regular  feature that looks at the intersection of fashion and technology culture.

Here at ReadWrite—make that ReadFright—we live for all things ghoulish and sp00ky. And what could be more terrifying than slapping on a tech-related costume for Halloween? 

Here are some of  the best techie costumes circulating Silicon Valley—some a last minute quick-fix, some that would take weeks of planning. Whatever your tech vice, be it social media apps, Web bugs, or even emulating your tech CEO hero, you can find it all here and maybe even try it for yourself. Happy Halloween! 

New York City’s Silicon Alley celebrated a day early at the Hallowmeme party by Forced Meme Productions.

Meanwhile, on Pinterest …

Don’t be suprised if you get Zucker-punched in this get up!

Steve Jobs costumes only work if you can nail the steely laser-beam eyes. This kid nails it.

Costume or marketing spiel? Why not BOTH? Carting around a big sign for a hook-up app is like the worst of both worlds. But hey—at least you have a shield if people throw garbage at you.

Ironically, this Pinterest costume’s not likely to wind-up on a lot of pinboards. But it will do in a pinch. (And pinch is what you’ll get, if you forget to slap another board up in the rear. You’ve been warned.)

For a topical tech costume, this Instagram outfit is kind of old-timey … which works if you think about it.

This super-sized iPhone looks a little worse for wear.

Expect this costume to trend!

Yup. That’s SnapChat alright.

There’s more than one way to get loaded.

The ultimate effort to look effortless!