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The phrase “I remember back in my day … ” isn’t just something you hear from grandma. Nope, you probably say and think it more often than you realize, especially when you’re talking about the tech you grew up with. For proof that times are a changing, look no further than these signs—both literal and figurative—that’ll actually make you want to put your smartphone away once you remember the good ol’ days.

Talk to each other more, people! This digital detox will help.

C’mon, let’s all be smart about how to use social media.

FYI, this is what they put on sweetheart candies now.

Look up, look up, look up.

Sigh. Kids these days will never know what a pen pal is.

Bust is right.

It’s true—you can buy lots of things with bitcoin.

The slogan for selfie lovers everywhere.

RIP, pay phone.

You either love or hate this card—there’s no in between.

Remember when school was all about passing notes, pagers, and other ’90s throwbacks?

So sad, so true.

Even though there’s a question about whether this smartphone-only walking lane in China is fake, the fact that it still exists is a pretty big statement.

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