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Apple watchers disappointed about the lack of iWatch news at the iPhone maker’s presentation Monday have new reason to hope: According to Recode, the tech giant has big plans to reveal a wristworn gadget this fall.

Citing “people familiar with Apple’s plans,” the site reports that Apple has a special October event in the works to introduce the new device, which will draw heavily from the new HealthKit and Health app Apple unveiled at Monday’s keynote address for the Worldwide Developers Conference. The same story also made its way to the Nikkei, though with a few more supposed details:

It will likely use a curved organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touchscreen and collect health-related data, such as calorie consumption, sleep activity, blood glucose and blood oxygen levels. It will also allow users to read messages sent by smartphones.

Without official corroboration from Apple, the reports still fall firmly in the rumor category. And even if this is the company’s intention, plenty could happen between now and then, Recode admits. If true, though, the announcement offers some broader context around Apple’s newfound health focus and its ambitions of extending iOS beyond the flat screen.

Image by Venestudio via PopSugar Tech