What happens when you mash up all the important cultural video artifacts of 2012? Rewind YouTube Style 2012, complete with at least 27 Web celebrities and 21 Easter eggs via video annotations, of course.  

Similar in theory to Google’s Zeitgeist video, Rewind YouTube Style 2012 covers all the viral video basics, from the Olympics, Kony 2012, Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic fall, the rise of Overly Attached Girlfriend, the Obama vs. Romney rap battle, Walk Off The Earth’s five-person-to-one-guitar cover of “Somebody That I Used To Know” and more, all while celebrating the YouTube community. (See the list of the top 10 most viewed videos here.)    

Uploaded on Monday, Rewind YouTube Style 2012 has already been viewed more than 4.4 million times in 24 hours and includes Web celebrities AlphaCat, Barely Political, Chester See, ClevverTV, Corridor Digital,  Daily Grace, DeStorm, Dave Days,  Epic Meal Time, Felicia Day, Freddie Wong, GloZell, Hannah Hart,  HuskyStarcraft,  iJustine,  Jenna Marbles, JuicyStar07, KassemG, Mystery Guitar Man, Psy, Pyrobooby,  Rhett and Link,  Ryan Higa, Shit Girls Say, Smosh, The Annoying Orange, and Walk Off the Earth, among others.

Much to the delight of the community, the video is also filled with Easter eggs in the form of video annotations (see above for an example). As a service to that community you can find them mapped out here, with time stamps:  

1) Psy smashes the Walk the Earth guitar: 0:25

 2) Extended AlphaCat dance scene: 0:30

3) Kassem G as Ryan Lochte, with Daily Grace as Katniss Everdeen, have an weird elevator moment: 0:36

4) Behind the scenes footage of Kassem G’s Lochte grill: 0:39

5) Extended version of MysteryGuitarMan, DeStorm, DaveDays, Peter Chao’s  OKGO Dance Battle: 0:56

6) Annoying Orange as Felix Baumgartner does more mouth dancing: 1:04

7) FreddieW as Halo Master Chief + Corridor Digital as Minecraft – Dance Party: 1:18

8) Smosh duo celebrating Mars Rover in slow motion: 1:23

9) Freddie Wong as Master Chief dances around, makes funny faces: 1:38

10) Corridor Digital does the Minecraft Robot dance: 1:34

11) Fun with explosions during the Dance party: 1:34

12) Behind the scenes with Felicia Day as Carly Rae Jepsen: 1:51

13) Chester See as Justin Bieber making faces at Felicia Day as Carly Rae Jepsen: 2:01

14) iJustine as Lindsey Stirling: 2:05

15) Despite combing every second of the video from 2:05 – 2:22 frame-by-frame every second, I could not find the Easter Egg video here. It’s possible YouTube forgot to upload the annotation link. Note that YouTube mistakenly listed the 1:38 Freddie Wong Easter Egg as #9 but in order of correct time it should have been #11.

16) The many faces of GloZell: 2:22

17) Jenna Marbles dancing as a Harvard baseball captain: 2:28

18) Shit Girls Say is on an Emotional Rollercoaster: 2:31

19) Rhett & Link’s Dope Zebra on the loose: 2:40

20) Epic Meal Time + My Drunk Kitchen = Sausage Fest Weiner Party: 2:59

21) Ryan Higa as Felix Baumgartner screaming in Epic Slow-M: 3:17

Besides the now-viral video, YouTube also launched the Rewind 2012 channel, which has collected all the top videos of 2012 into one place. There’s also a 15-minute interactive video timeline that takes you through 2012 month by month.