Unless you’re more organized than most, you’re probably still looking for a few last minute gifts. ReadWrite is here to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.  Below you’ll find 9 great geeky gifts for the kids on your list. 

If we’ve missed some good ones, please let us know in the comments.

1.  Minecraft Foam Sword

This sword will help your kids avoid Creepers.  It should not be used for mining. $19.99

2.  Larson Scanner Electronic Soldering Kit

All children should be given the opportunity to build something that requires a cycling red eye.  With all parts included, save the soldering iron, even beginning geeks can use this kit to solder the eye with ease. $14.99

3.  Ultimate Geek Pen

Your kid is the ultimate geek, so give her the ultimate geek pen.  This James Bond-like pen offers up a ballpoint pen, a PDA stylus, a laser pointer, an LED light and an ultraviolet lamp. They had ReadWrite at ‘batteries included.’ $11.95

4.  Han Solo Ice Cube Tray

Han Solo in carbanite was bad. Fake Han Solo in ice, chocolate or some other yummy solid food is awesome.  $11.74

5.  Portal Sentry Turret

A favorite gift on this list, the polite and adorable Portal turret is a must buy. Say “I don’t hate you” in style this year. $39.99

6. Sensu Artist Brush Stylus

Young artists now have a choice. They can create on canvas with paint, like an animal, or use the Sensu Brush Stylus like a gentleman.  Give your artsy kids the gift of painting sans turpentine and sans mess. $39.99

7. Moleskine Pen Holder

Kids who want to be pen-prepared can do it in crafty, hipster-style with this Journal Bandolier, Moleskine not included of course. $18.95

8. Pop Up Paper House

A dollhouse can an awesome gift but – they’re expensive, cumbersome and once they’re done, they’re far less fun. This printable PDF version costs very little cash and still gives the gift of building something cool. $12

9. Chewbacca Pocket Plush

Han Solo rarely traveled without Chewbacca – and neither should your kid. Bonus points awarded for Chewbacca’s lavender scent, because I can only guess that the full-sized version probably smelled much worse. $12

For even more great ideas, see this list of holiday gift suggestions from Nerdy With Children.