A new report from Nielsen reveals that kids ages 6-12 want Apple devices, especially iPads. Forty-four percent of kids ages 6-12 expressed interest in the iPad, up from 31 percent in 2010. Only 30% of kids want an iPod Touch, and 27% want an iPhone. For kids ages 13-and-up, iPads still top the wish list, with 24% this year, up from 18% last year. The second most desired item is a computer – 18% of kids ages 13-and-up want it more than an iPad. Yet last year, computers were the top most desired item for this age group after televisions, smartphones and then iPads. When it comes to holiday shopping, 2011 is most certainly the year of the iPad.

In September, information from the International Data Corporation (IDC) said that tablets and smartphones would truly begin killing the PC in 2015. The top three items for kids ages 6-12 are iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. In 2015, that age group will be 10-14.