Learn Python the Hard Way, a free e-book for beginning programmers by Zed Shaw has been updated to the 2nd edition. It’s available for free in HTML format. PDF or ePub editions cost $1, paperbacks cost $15.99 and a hardcover is available for $60.

The book is still focused on Python 2.X, instead of Python 3.

According to the site, in the new edition:

  • Exercises 50, 51, and 52 are completely rewritten to teach you how to write a web application game.
  • Exercises 41 and 42 have a new game that’s more complex and challenging.
  • I also fixed a bunch of “bugs” in the text and the code of 50% of the exercises.

Although the book is written for absolute beginner programmers, Shaw notes on Hacker News that it is also suitable experienced programmers wanting to learn Python: “LPTHW is deceptively simple. Try doing it anyway, since if you know a language already you can blaze through it, and when you get to around 30 or so it sneaks up behind you.”

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klint finley