I’ve just arrived back from another great trip out to Silicon Valley, for the
Web 2.0 Summit last week. Now I have about a million emails to process and things to do. Plus I feel
like I’m totally out of whack with the blogosphere right now – amazing how a
couple of days travel, together with a ‘low on batteries’ brain, can disorient
one from all the latest news. But I will be back into the flow of things soon.

Thanks Alex Iskold for filling in for me while I was in transit. In case you
missed all my posts during the Summit, here’s
my Wrap-Up of the event
(the comments are well worth reading btw). The rest
of my posts are
– and thanks Yahoo! for sponsoring R/WW’s Summit coverage.

I have a bunch of follow-up posts coming soon, based on my briefings and
meetings with people at the Summit and during WidgetsLive.