FCC To Consider Allowing Cellphone Calls In Flight

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Just imagine the middle-seat passenger next to you making sales calls during your next transcontinental flight.


Some airline passengers might be able to make cellphone calls before long, the Wall Street Journal reports. Cellphone use would be restricted during takeoff and landing, but once a flight reaches 10,000 feet, airborne calls and cellular data use would be permitted. Such connections would require cellular technology installed on planes.

The FCC plans to discuss the proposal at the commission's December meeting, and if approved, airlines will be responsible for deciding whether to allow voice calls. Some appear reluctant; Delta, for instance, firmly ruled out the possibility.

This is the latest proposal to lift restrictive bans on mobile devices in airplanes. Last month, the FAA expanded the use of portable electronic devices to all phases of flight.

Photo via Steve Conry on Flickr