9 Crazy PS4 Fans Who Need To Reel It In

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Stop everything because the PlayStation 4 hits stores today. If you’re a gaming fan, you’ve probably been counting down the days for months. As proof that game-changing launches like this one can make sane people do crazy ridiculous things, we’ve proudly present 9 folks who just can’t control their PS4 fandom. Get ready for some amazingness.

The Guy Who Started His Day With PS4 Pancakes

The Woman Who Ruined Painted Her Baby Bump With PS4 Control Signs

More PS4 fanatics this way! 

Dallas Cowboys Receiver Dez Bryant Who Walked Into Walmart and Bought Everyone in Line a PS4 

Joey, the First Person to Buy the PS4, Who Made Fans Everywhere Crazy Jealous 

The Guy Who Got Sucked Into a PS4 Black Hole With Monster Drinks and Tacos

The Guy Who Literally Licked His PS4 Box 

The Kids Who Had a Jug of Water Delivered to Them While They Waited For the Midnight Launch

The Guy Who Made His Own “Reserved” Sign For His PS4

The Guy Who Put a Seatbelt Around His PS4 and Talked to It, Saying, “Just Hold on, We’re Goin’ Home” 

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