The theme today is extreme computing. When we talk about "tech," what we really mean is applied computing. None of these apps and gizmos would advance without the relentless pursuit of smarter, faster computers.

Today's links are all crazy examples of that pursuit.

Scientific American reports on the success of the first scalable quantum network.

Scientists hope they've found the Majorana fermion, a particle that will allow more stable quantum computing.

Stephen Wolfram describes the challenges of "overcoming artificial stupidity" and getting computers to understand people better.

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MIT Technology Review describes a bizarrely awesome computer science experiment that exploits the swarming behavior of crabs.

The Daily Mail shows off a James Bond villain-style yacht controlled by an iPad. (ᔥ The Loop)

DARPA has built a very mean robot that can handle stairs.

And for a not-quite-as-extreme finale, here's the definitive GitHub repository of Mac OS X Terminal tweaks. (ᔥ One Thing Well)

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.