Three months after being promised the feature at Google I/O, owners of Google's Chromebook netbook can now stream movies and television shows from Netflix.

The Samsung Series 5, Acer AC700 and CR-48 Chromebooks can access Netflix, according to a Google Plus post by Chrome OS Community Manager Melissa Daniels.

Support for sites like Netflix and Hulu was a feature that was noticeably missing when Chromebooks were first released, due to their reliance on third party browser plugins.

Netflix should now work on Chromebooks running the latest version of Chrome OS. Instructions on upgrading and running Netflix can be found here.

After a beta testing period, the first Chromebook was officially released in May, at which point our own Richard MacManus pondered the device's usefulness and commercial viability. We also took a look at why the device isn't quite ready to replace your PC, a fact underscored by Audrey Watters' one-day experiment using only a Chromebook.