Tired of dealing with Salesforce.com and want a less expensive alternative? Then consider Rollbase's Automated Force.com Migration solution and associated cloud services, available now. The tool takes whatever you have stored on Force.com and transfers it, with the application logic intact, to your own datacenter or on to Rollbase's cloud.

Why bother? Well, price for one thing. The monthly fees at Rollbase start at $30 (with more complex pricing for different services), much less than the fees at Salesforce.com. Control too. You can import your entire CRM or any Force.com app within a few minutes, and all the databases linkages and relationships should be intact. Backup and testing could be another reason: rather than paying for a dev/test environment on Salesforce, you could have a cheaper in-house hosted alternative.

Salesforce isn't the only thing the Rollbase tool can migrate: you can move Microsoft Access database and Excel spreadsheets, a nice way to upgrade them to a more modern environment.

The link above has a five-minute screencast demo that shows what is involved in the migration.

The Rollbase Automated Force.com Migration Tool is available now at no additional cost as part of the Rollbase.com Hosted Cloud service as well as Rollbase Private Cloud, which can be downloaded, installed and deployed on in-house or third party servers.