If you're an iPhone owner, you know the drill - leave your phone unattended for even the shortest period and suddenly you need to tap through one notification after another just to get back to the main screen. And that means, if you're in a hurry, you ignore many of them just to get to what you're doing.

iOS notifications are a problem many users want solved and one designer, Andreas Hellqvist, took a crack at solving it. Take a look after the jump. Just seeing the possibilities makes me sort of angry that I have to deal with notifications as they are.

Hellqvist proposes a method of handling the apps that would use all existing iOS design elements, but would get rid of the annoying, one-at-a-time method of displaying and dealing with notifications. Rather than having to deal with each notification in each app, all notifications could be centralized within a single "notifications" app - much as they are aggregated on Android and put onto a separate screen.

Enough talking, though, take a look:

iOS notifications concept from Andreas on Vimeo.

Hellqvists offers an entire proposal, going through each screen and showing how the app could work, right down to the internal settings.

Our favorite part might be the lock screen notifications. If you've ever had a jailbroken iPhone, then you know the joy of a lock screen that isn't completely useless. Hellqvist proposes a simple solution:

I was looking at the lock screen and felt that you simply had to be able to act on the individual notifications, but how? Just enabling the ability to click a notification seems dangerous. Pocket calling would increase ten fold  Then it dawned on me, why not slide the app icon in the same way you slide to unlock. This way it's a reduced risk of accidentally calling your boss at a Friday night.

Like we said: Apple, please hire this man and fix your notifications? Your users have been asking for it. We're tired of accidentally opening Foursquare just because we wanted to use our phone at the same time as someone else checking in.