Rare is the business owner that doesn't dream of their product or content going viral on the Web and bringing in hordes of traffic and cash.

While such pipe dreams are too rare and unpredictable to bank on, it is very important for any business to make it easy for visitors to share their Website's content via email and social media.

Spreadable is a Web app that gives site owners a way to easily generate an embdeddable, all-in-one sharing widget from which visitors can email a link to friends or post it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a host of other popular social networking sites.

It takes a minute or two to set up an account and start building customized widgets, which can then either be embedded in a site or linked to directly. Most aspects of the widget can be customized, including its heading, body text, color scheme and which social networks to enable.

It's by no means the only content-sharing tool out there, but Spreadable is unique in the way it brings multiple types of referrals into one tool and then offers analytics on the back-end so site owners can see which types of referrals bring in the most traffic.

Spreadable comes to us from the Grasshopper Group, the team that developed the Grasshopper virtual phone system and Chargify billing platform. Spreadable is currently in beta and their pricing structure is still in the works, but anybody interested in trying it out can sign up for a free 30 day trial.