The world of tech is in constant flux, and it can feel challenging to keep up with the never-ending changes. Conferences are one of the best ways to keep up with what’s current in tech, showcasing some of the field’s best minds and allowing you to network with other business leaders. Here are the eight best tech conferences I recommend for 2020.

With a new year comes a new slate of conferences to attend, but these conferences all stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for the right event for you, try starting with these:

  1. Gartner CIO Leadership Forum; February 23-25; Phoenix, AZ

The Gartner CIO Leadership Forum is unique among tech conferences by focusing less on the technical aspects of being a CIO and more on the soft skills and business abilities that separate great CIOs from good ones. Attendance requires an application, ensuring that the final 800+ attendees are all committed to networking and addressing some of the biggest challenges facing CIOs today.

  1. Web Summit; November 2-5; Lisbon, Portugal

If Forbes calls an event “the best technology conference on the planet,” there’s a good chance it’s worth checking out. Web Summit is committed to showcasing the absolute bleeding edge in technology, and large companies have taken notice: Microsoft, Huawei, Atlassian, and more all regularly exhibit at Web Summit. If you can manage to take the detour to Lisbon this November, you will be rewarded with some of the most insightful discussions happening in tech today.

  1. SaaStr Annual; March 10-12; San Jose, CA

SaaS business leaders are managing companies that grow faster than almost anything the business world has ever seen, and SaaStr is the ultimate venue for these leaders to network. With over 15,000 attendees learning from over 300 speakers at the top of the field, SaaStr has quickly established itself as the gold standard for digital business conferences. By focusing on business growth and expansion, SaaStr is well-worth the price of admission for businesses of all sizes.

  1. Business Agility Conference; March 11-12; New York, NY

For a business to survive in the 2020s, it needs to be ready to react and adapt at a moment’s notice. Enter the Business Agility Conference — two days packed full of opportunities for networking, learning, and showcasing the best in agile business today. Featuring a special pre-session event on women in agile, the Business Agility Conference is dedicated to bringing new and exciting voices into the conversation.

  1. Premier Connects; dates held throughout the year at different locations throughout the U.S.

Premier Connects offers a number of different events for top-level company leaders, but their CIO Forums are particularly valuable for tech entrepreneurs. Premier Connects is hosting 11 different CIO Forums in 11 different cities during the 2020 calendar year, affording you the freedom to choose the one that works the best with your schedule and features the speakers most relevant to your interests. For convenience and local networking opportunities, it’s hard to beat a Premier Connects event.

  1. VMworld; August 30-September 3; San Francisco, CA

The cloud revolution continues to affect and shape the way companies do business today, VMworld is the premier location to get ahold of what exactly the cloud can do for your firm. Featuring well over 20000 attendees, VMworld’s five-day IT extravaganza features such a wide breadth of events and speakers that new players in the world of tech will have as much to fill their plate with as the titans of the industry do. Taking place in the tech capital of the United States, the attitude of innovation found at VMworld is hard to find nearly anywhere else.

  1. Red Hat Summit; April 27-29; San Francisco, CA

Open source is often hailed as the future of software — it’s easily accountable, always ripe for improvement, and free. As open-source software spreads and becomes a crucial component of more and more businesses, the Red Hat Summit has arrived as an opportunity for people to gain new levels of understanding of what open source can mean for their business. With corporate sponsors including IBM and Intel, 2019’s Red Hat Summit was a landmark achievement for the business world’s adoption of open source software — and the 2020’s is poised to be just as big.

  1. Technology & Innovation North America; November 3-4; Chicago, IL

The name here says it all: Forrester’s Technology & Innovation conference is designed to showcase what’s happening in tech at this very moment. That being said, the conference isn’t just for those who are already experts in certain technologies — many events at the conference are designed to show the uninitiated how disruptive tools like AI and automation can be used to benefit their business.

Use this list as a starting point for your search, but don’t be afraid to look for more specialized events that fit your needs. The right tech conference can expose you to several new skills while also bolstering ones you currently have — an invaluable opportunity for any business leader looking for an edge in 2020.

John Rampton

John Rampton is a master connector. He is an active investor and startup enthusiast in Silicon Valley. He started online productivity company Calendar.