Wearable tech hits the factory floor at Hannover Messe

Germany has always been a place for industrial invention and innovation, reflected by the creation of the concept of “Industrie 4.0” by the German Government. Last week saw Europe’s leading technologists involved in the digitalization of industry bought together at Hannover Messe to showcase their answers to the key question faced by industrial enterprises everywhere: How […]

Can wearables be used to dole out promotions and bonuses?

While more connected devices are being used in the workplace, labor lawyers are raising red flags about using wearables to award raises or promotions. As discussed recently in the National Law Review, employers who seek to improve worker productivity through wearable trackers are wading into a legal gray area. “Using wearable technology to determine bonuses […]

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Workplace wearables open up a murky legal hinterland

As wearables become more common for personal use, they are also increasingly being used by employers in the workplace. This new technology is giving employers new tools to track safety and productivity, and allowing insurers to track employee habits and health indicators. But just as the options for wearable tech proliferates, so do the related […]