How hard is it to bring precision analytics to agtech?

On first thought, agtech seems something of a contradiction. Agriculture involves growing crops. There’s no real world shortcut or fast track in that plants require planting in appropriate seasons with access to sun, water and soil nutrients and time to grow. By comparison, tech is about speed, rapid prototyping and timely deployment. But agtech is actually an evolving nexus between […]


Bloomsky unveils new devices that want all of your weather

Bloomsky, an Internet of Things (IoT) startup, has announced two new devices to replace its original weather station, which was funded on Kickstarter in 2014. The next generation weather station includes the Sky2, a camera station that measures temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, UV exposure, and precipitation. See Also: Can Arable’s IoT tech end world hunger? […]

Can Arable’s IoT tech end world hunger?

In a time of technological, medical and social advances, it’s hard to believe that 795 million people still go hungry around the world. When we learned from one new concept that data acquired through an IoT device could end this, our interest is piqued. Arable has created PulsePod, an IoT device capable of measuring more about the environment […]


Netatmo launches Connect API for smart home developers

Smart home company Netatmo announced earlier this week its own API for third-party Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Called Netatmo Connect, the API provides developers with the ability to connect to Netatmo’s products and create meaningful interactions. Connect has three major platforms – weather, smart home, and enterprise. Weather uses data from the Netatmo Weather […]

API Of The Week: The Dark Sky Forecast API

API Of The Week: The Dark Sky Forecast API

Guest author Kurt Collins is a developer evangelist for I fell in love in 2012. With an app. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. I considered weather apps mere utilities, not something I should expend energy falling in love with. And then came Dark Sky by The Dark Sky app is the […]