New Stanford biodegradable wearable takes your data to its grave

A wearable electronic device that can dissolve in vinegar and is currently considered to be the lightest, thinnest electronic device, was recently unveiled by researchers at Stanford University. This technology can help reduce electronic waste while maintaining privacy. See Also: How personal beacons can help keep women safe The need for biodegradable tech in an […]

Japan Toyota Self Driving Cars

Toyota gets into its first-pick schools, spends millions on AI

Toyota has announced a new partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University, aimed at accelerating the development of artificial intelligence and robotics. The Japanese car maker will pump $50 million into newly formed research centers at MIT and Stanford. Any developments will be shared with Toyota, and could be adapted to […]

How IoT can cool down a hot problem

In October 2015, a refrigerator thermostat at Stanford Children’s Health failed, spoiling ten different types of vaccines and causing 1,500 kids to receive ineffective vaccinations. Unfortunately, failed thermostats are not an unusual issue and can cause ruined blood samples, vaccines and other important tests, costing millions of dollars and placing lives at risk. To prevent […]