Is Nokia growing into contender in emerging tech?

It would be easy, upon reading the news, to mistake Nokia as simply a mobile phone company, successfully re-releasing their retro style phones for those who prefer a less connected technology experience and enjoying playing snake. But Nokia has been at work in other tech verticals across a range of capacities. Let’s take a look […]

TheFridgeCam lets you spy on your milk, cheaply

Over the last week Berlin has been home to IFA, Europe’s answer to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It features all the usual big name electronics that are household names internationally, along with brands you’ll only be able to buy in Europe or Asia and a smattering of smaller start-ups sharing booths with likeminded enterprises […]

How to make steelworking a less dangerous profession

In recent years IoT has played an important role in worker safety with wearable and embedded sensors making it possible for workers to be monitored within their surroundings to prevent injury from falls, toxic gas, and overexertion. Wearable technology can prevent a range of injuries in some of the most dangerous occupations. North Star Bluescope […]

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What does your car say about you and your driving style?

Do you know what your car has to say about you and your driving style? Do you know who it talks to behind your back? According to a recent study conducted by German motorists organization ADAC for European motoring lobby group FIA, recent models of major car brands tend to be quite chatty about what […]