Will IoT actually keep us coal-dependent?

There are quite a few arguments for renewable energy investment, but one argument used against renewables was the cost factor. Five years ago, we started to see that cost gap close, leading countries like Germany, China, the United States to ramp up investment into solar farms. We may see a slow down on that investment, […]


BreezoMeter and GE breathe deep on smart city air quality

Air quality analytics firm BreezoMeter and GE’s energy-focused in-house startup, have announced a partnership aimed at providing smart cities with real-time air quality and traffic analytics. Breezometer will provide the real-time air quality, while Current gives traffic insights from its LED infrastructure. Smart city leaders can then spot patterns in traffic and pollution, leading to […]

Can the Internet of Things turn back climate change?

The Internet of Things is set to revolutionize most industries, installing sensors to capture and analyze more data, which will hopefully make them more efficient, smarter, and less polluting. In a new post, We Forum suggests that IoT will provide the means to detect illegal logging in areas like the Amazon rainforest, ensuring that deforestation […]